SR. UNITY GAME ENGINEER at Super Bit Machine
Santa Monica, CA, US

Super Bit Machine makes competitive multiplayer arena shooters that unite players on PC and mobile. Join us in Santa Monica and help contribute to a cross-platform codebase that features proprietary server authoritative physics, and netcode that rival the majors!


We are looking for a talented and experienced Sr. Unity Engineer who can execute and manage a workload that spans features that touch our proprietary real time game server code as well as client implementation of game features. We give our engineers complete authority on how they build their features, but with great power comes great responsibility: you will have to communicate with other stakeholders such as the art department and platform team in order to accomplish tactical objectives that have been clearly laid out by the product owners in the form of design docs, animatics, whiteboard scribbles, and (last but not least) technical docs generated by our engineering leads.


Our game is fast, reliable, and beautiful so our ideal candidate can be mindful of the user’s end experience as they deploy their extensive knowledge of coding best practices, Unity engine gotchas, and which C# calls are sneakily allocating memory behind the scenes.





Collaborate with artists and engineers to help build features and solve creative problems


Ensuring art assets can be easily integrated into the game without sacrificing the artistic vision or exceeding the platform’s technical limits


Investigating new techniques, implementing them and training the team


Integration of 2D Sprite/UI Image assets with knowledge of UGUI/Mecanim animations


Integration of 3D character, rig, weapon assets


Work with backend engineers on maintaining efficient server communication with the API (REST-based) and the Real Time Server (TCP/UDP)





Computer Science/Gaming degree


Strong 3D math skills


At least 3 years working in Unity 3D


Expert with Unity Game Engine 2D and 3D


Core understanding of Mecanim animation


Experienced with maintaining client services (mock, tracking, analytics, etc.)


Shipped at least a mobile game on Android and iOS


Experience with Git / Perforce / Jira


Worked on Multiplayer games


Good communication skills







Full benefits package


Unlimited PTO